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Cooperating, but for whose benefit?

I was pleasantly surprised to find this story about food recovery on the MSN home page this weekend. It includes some nice reporting, such as: Kroger’s Perishable Donations Partnership keeps 40 million pounds of food each year out of the landfill. It also saves each store $500 annually in waste-hauling fees. Then there was this […]

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Friday Buffet

Poor New Zealand. Our thoughts are with you Kiwis after that horrible earthquake. In that context this piece on NZ food waste isn’t quite as important, but it’s interesting nonetheless… — — Cnet provides a neat snapshot of where we are with the…next wave of recycling.   — — Say it ain’t so! Lavish Indian weddings to be […]

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Arrested Freegan Followup

On Friday, I linked to the story of the British woman arrested for taking what a Tesco discards. This story lends a few further details on Sacha Hall, the English woman arrested for “stealing trash. For example, she worked at a rival supermarket! We also learn that the accused the store had discarded the food […]

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Friday Buffet

English police arrested a woman who took waffles, pies and other goods thrown out by an English food retailer after the store lost power for a while. The craziest part is that the police tracked her down later at her home and took her away in handcuffs. Here’s a sensible commentary on the matter. — — […]

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Guest Post: The Psychology of Wasting

Allison Gamble writes for the site Psychology Degree. She chimes in below with her take on the psychology of wastefulness and how it applies to squandering food — — At one time in the American psyche, waste and wealth were symbiotic. Sharp advertising stressed “disposable” as the ultimate “must have,” implying that successful people should not […]

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Valentines Buffet

Here’s a nice collection of reader suggestions on how to use-it-up and avoid waste, as compiled by my friendly local newspaper. — — Che? Any Italian speakers want to help me out here? I’m guessing that 30% of Italian food is wasted, but there’s a lot on that page! — — When the Voice of […]

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Super Money Savers

This time of year, the adjective ‘super’ gets thrown around a bunch. Well, this list of ways to save money with food is really that. Without further ado, here’s that super list: 14 Ways to Save Money on Groceries. In my humble opinion, it really could be called 14 Ways to Avoid Food Waste. I especially […]

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Super Monday

Good to hear the NFL’s habit of recovering edible food from its Super Bowls continued last night in Dallas. This tradition of excellence donation has been happening for almost 20 years now. The NFL works with local food recovery groups and acquires food from events leading up to the game and the game itself (both high […]

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Friday Buffet

The latest version of Freakonomics Radio has a few fascinating bits linked to reducing waste. There’s the food scientist who’s worked on canning tomatoes to maximize taste and minimize waste. And then there’s an inventor who created a “food printer” that could trim waste by creating just the right amount of food, through just-in-time cooking. […]

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The Reports Report

Last week, the EPA released the latest version of its Municipal Solid Waste report. It’s a big occasion in these parts. If you’re like me, you eschew the fact sheet for the 189-page full report. Because the latter includes the all-important “products discarded” (on page 94). That represents what’s dumped in landfills, after recycling reduces […]

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