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Visualizing Global Food Waste XXVI

I do love a good infographic…Feast your eyes on these informative graphics, courtesy of these committed Australian restaurateurs. As you can see, those are some tall, tall waste bins in the Food Losses and Waste Per Capita graph! They represent the poor infrastructure (poor storage, technology, and roads, etc.) throughout much of the developing world […]

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Watching the 5,000

Carolina Dining Services recently published this recap of their fabulous Feeding the 5,000 event at UNC. Have a look–it’s four minutes well spent. Experience the day and all the work that went into it.

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Blown Away by Waste Buffet

On Tuesday, I gave a talk at Keene State College in New Hampshire. In conjunction with the visit, the progressive folks of Keene State Dining created this amazing tableau of waste:  Dining workers pulled untouched and nearly untouched breakfast and lunch items from the plate return and assembled a visually appealing, yet haunting “waste buffet.” The […]

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School Lunches Healthier, Just as Wasteful

Last week, a Harvard School of Public Health study exploring the impact of recent changes to school lunch came out with mixed news: students are eating more fruits and vegetables, but waste remains a problem. After the passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, new federal standards went into effect for the start of the 2012-2013 […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s an interesting look into how a composting company (in this case, EcoScraps) comes to be. — — The ValuWaste system helped Iowa hospitals save some serious cash from avoided waste. As in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. — — Rolling Stone(!) had a brief, not-so-timely news blurb about the finding that one-third of […]

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Friday Buffet

Sodexo’s Stop Wasting Food campaign is approaching its first b-day and remains pretty awesome. — — Nice to see public funds going toward a Love Food, Hate Waste Campaign…in Australia. — — It’s interesting to get a waste hauler’s perspective on greening events and composting. — — Finally, I gotta give my pal Ashley (of […]

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Challenge Your Group

Yesterday, I participated in my first webinar. Once you get past the oddness of talking into a void with no audio or video feedback, it’s a neat way to reach a wide audience. The event featured two other speakers, both EPA employees who work on food waste reduction. One of them brought up the EPA’s […]

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Healing Hospital Waste

Hospitals are going to waste a lot of food. They just are. Hospitals must provide patients with the required amount of food, even when they have little or no appetite. That ingrained plate waste is a major disadvantage for hospitals. But that doesn’t mean they can’t reduce their waste. Two hospitals in La Crosse, Wis., […]

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Monday Buffet

In Denmark, The Veterinary and Food Administration may change a law that bans selling food past its “best-by” date. Stores would be in charge of determining how long they can sell an item. I can see this helping in some cases, and backfiring in others. Fascinating, though. — — So you’re saying porridge isn’t popular? […]

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The Declaration of Independence (from food waste)

In December, I wrote about the Danish group Stop Wasting Food. After that post ran, their founder, Selina Juul, pointed me to a fascinating product–the Joint Declaration Against Food Waste. While it’s not quite as grandiose as our Declaration of Independence, the joint declaration has grand ambitions. Most notably, it pushes for: A global reduction […]

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