Challenge Your Group

Yesterday, I participated in my first webinar. Once you get past the oddness of talking into a void with no audio or video feedback, it’s a neat way to reach a wide audience.

The event featured two other speakers, both EPA employees who work on food waste reduction. One of them brought up the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge, an encouraging idea that I haven’t written about here. Essentially, the program:

…encourages participants to reduce, donate, and recycle as much of their food waste as possible — saving money and helping protect the environment. Participants will conduct a food waste assessment, undertake three specific waste reduction activities, create a food waste recovery plan, and report progress using WasteWise ReTRAC.

Scrolling down on the site, you can find a bunch of useful tools to help facilitate the various steps. You’ll also find a list of participating schools, organizations and businesses.

And you may even notice that there are only 23 participants thus far. That seems like a miniscule small number to me. So…if you’re affiliated with a business, school or other organization and have been wondering how you can get that group to start reducing waste–here’s your chance!

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    Hi Jonathan, I listened in on your webinar, and thought you did a great job at keeping things engaging (not an easy thing to do with no visual audience!). It was also good to hear you in conjunction with EPA employees about government plans and challenges ahead. Keep up the good work!

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    I really enjoyed your article, I have also bookmarked your website and will check back soon. Thanks!

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