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Chef Matthew Orlando Q & A

Matthew Orlando is the owner and head chef at Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen. He was the chef de cuisine at Noma (you may have heard of it…) from 2010 to 2013, when he left to start Amass. Prior to his time at Noma, Orlando worked at the renowned restaurants Per Se in New York City […]

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Q&A: Scanning Away Food Waste?

Chances are you encounter radio frequency identification (RFID) technology quite often. You’re doing so when you use a proximity card at work or a hotel, track a package, check out library books, or become a scannable human. Within the food industry, RFID tags track food shipments’ progress at the pallet and truck level. The global packaging company […]

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Q & A: NHL’s Green Guru

The National Hockey League is the only major sports league with all of its teams participating in stadium food recovery. Bernadette Mansur, the NHL’s senior VP of public affairs, helped launch the NHL Green Initiative in 2010. To find out how the Green initiative came to include its league-wide food recovery program, I spoke with Mansur: […]

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Veggie Trader Q & A

This Tuesday, I wrote about online food swapping sites. Another such site, Veggie Trader, has only been operating for a few weeks, but is already creating some buzz. Rob Anderson, one of the site’s Portland-based creators, was nice enough to answer a few questions: How’d you come up with the idea for Veggie Trader? A […]

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Converted Organics Q & A

Converted Organics transforms food waste into compost through its unique EATAD process. Ed Gildea, the CEO of the Boston-based company, recently explained that technology and the company’s vision in this interview: 1. Enhanced Autogenous Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (EATAD) sounds complicated—Can you explain it for us non-science folks? In short, the EATAD process is microbial digestion […]

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Compost Happens: The Brian Rosa Q & A

One of my pet peeves is the idea that “green consumerism” alone will reverse our environmental woes. More than just “buying green,” real change will require behavioral shifts small and large. Fortunately, composting is a relatively easy change. Chances are, you already separate your food scraps from your other waste. Composting merely requires that you […]

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Marion Nestle Q & A

Marion Nestle is a Professor in NYU’s Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health and author of What to Eat, Food Politics and more. Marion was kind enough to share her insights on food waste and American’s eating habits in this e-mail interview. — WF: Not knowing when things go bad and what to […]

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Bread Storage Q & A

A reader recently wrote in asking how best to store bread. I figured it’d be best to ask some real bread people. I thought that someone at Zingerman’s, a Michigan, mail-order bakeshop that ships breads all over the world would have some insight. And Zingerman’s customer service specialist Paul LaDuca certainly did. — What’s the […]

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Israeli Food Recovery Q & A

Table to Table (T2T) is Israel’s leading food rescue organization. Joseph Gitler, an American immigrant from New York, founded the group in 2003. Five years and countless pounds of rescued food later, the group continues to feed hungry Israelis. Chief Operating Officer Gidi Kroch sat down with me (in an e-mail kind of way) to […]

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Cheese Guy Q & A

After all the interest surrounding a post last week on storing cheese, something had to give. Fortunately for us, that something was cheese expert and restaurateur Matt Jennings agreeing to lend his wisdom. After having the misfortune of attending elementary school with me in suburban Boston, Matt has risen to prominence in the culinary world. […]

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