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10 Simple Ways to Reduce Wasted Food in Restaurants (Guest Post)

Ethan Gibble is a content specialist and blogger for the He researches and writes about issues facing the restaurant industry on a local, national, and global scale. Here are his two, or 10, cents: The cost of food is steadily rising and, according to, 1.02 billion people went hungry in 2009 alone. The […]

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Ears to You

90 degrees + picking corn + long pants/sleeves for protection + no pay = fun! It’s hard to believe that that equation really works, but when the food goes to help hungry folks, it sure does. That’s gleaning for you. It had been a while–too long–since I’d gotten out there and picked crops for those […]

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Friday Buffet

As if the environmental benefits weren’t enough, separating food waste from landfill-bound trash also creates jobs! — — I always knew Converted Organics was innovative, but now there’s proof that I’m not the only one impressed with their High Temperature Liquid Composting (HTLC) system. — — Not to be outdone, Minnesota’s Eureka Recycling will soon […]

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Gleaning Trees for (and with) Refugees

This video combines two of my favorite things–local news and tree gleaning. Here, Tucson’s KVOA tells us about Iskash*taa Refugee Harvesting network, which gleans backyard citrus trees to sweeten refugees’ lives. Plus, it’s awesome to see the recipients harvesting alongside others. That experience and interaction will benefit both recipients and volunteers. My one complaint: how […]

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Monday Smorgasbord

Apologies for leaving you high and dry on Friday. On the plus side, it does prove once and for all that I’m a human, not an awesome-blog-post-producing machine. Anyway…I got so wrapped up in finishing the final edits for my book editing and complaining about World Cup refereeing that I missed a few items. Here’s […]

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Compost = Hero

I’m putting the finishing touches on my editing today and tonight, but felt compelled to pass along this info on Holly Elmore, founder of Atlanta’s Elemental Impact,  recently spoke at the National Restaurant Association conference about the green goings on at Atlanta eateries. In several designated “Zero Waste Zones” (which we’ll have to discuss another […]

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Cafeteria Composting

Rosie Noden decided that her children and their Kent, Ohio peers needed to become better connected to their food. To achieve that, she and other volunteers recently built a community and school garden at Walls Elementary. Where the story gets even happier, though, is that the school will begin separating and composting food waste from […]

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Friday Buffet–World Cup Edition

OK, so only one of these countries is in the actual tournament (England, part of the UK, which fields four teams). I’ve still got World Cup fever. Here goes… From Finland: A new group called FOODSPILL is examining how much herring food is wasted in the Nordic nation. Cool name and early estimate is 25 to 50 percent. Shot […]

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Who Wastes Ribs?

Barbecue competitors, apparently. This weekend I volunteered at a food bank barbecue fundraiser. As part of the event, they had a competition where cooking teams were judged on their “barbecue.” Around here (North Carolina), that means a finely chopped pork that some people call pulled pork. I tell you this because one thing they weren’t […]

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Guest Post: The Non-Consumer Advocate

Katy Wolk-Stanley is…The Non-Consumer Advocate. The hyphen-happy Portland native blogs about living on less and doing so with a minimal environmental impact. She was kind enough to share some thoughts on how she reduces food waste in her home. Take it away, Katy: With food prices so high, there’s simply no excuse for food waste […]

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