Friday Buffet–World Cup Edition

OK, so only one of these countries is in the actual tournament (England, part of the UK, which fields four teams). I’ve still got World Cup fever. Here goes…

From Finland: A new group called FOODSPILL is examining how much herring food is wasted in the Nordic nation. Cool name and early estimate is 25 to 50 percent.

Shot on goal.

— —

From Venezuela: an act of “grave irresponsibility.” 87 million pounds of food intended for those in need allowed to rot in its containers at Venezuelan ports.

Red Card.

— —

From The UK: Carolinen Spelman, the new Secretary of State for the Environment, indicated she’d continue the Labour Party’s approach to handling food waste:

“The bottom line is that organic waste should not be going to landfill.”

Nice save.

— —

From Scotland: Begninning next year, throwing away food waste will be banned. There won’t be any penalties for noncompliance, but still…


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