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Friday Buffet

It’s not every day that Prince Charles and food waste find themselves in the same sentence. But that’s the story out of Britain, as the Prince of Wales blasted the country’s squandering. “In this country we waste 10 billion quid’s worth of food every year – wasted. Is that really a sensible system at the […]

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Two items of business

Without many book tasks left, I’ve gone all Facebook and started a page for this here blog. As you super-observant visitors will have noticed, I have a link to it on the sidebar. I humbly ask for your official FB “thumbs up.” Who knows, I might just do a little raffle next week for all […]

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Foxy Take-home Box

I love this Red Robin to-go box. Only one problem–it’s not a take-home box. Huh?! The faux picnic basket is instead Red Robin’s centerpiece/vessel for ads. Not according to my mother-in-law (bless her heart), who decided it would make the perfect doggie bag and took some leftovers home in the paper box. Upon further examination, […]

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Beep, Beep–Anything for the Compost Heap?

Things are really looking up in Washington. The health care bill finally passed, the Wizards got the first pick in the NBA Draft and household compost collection will soon be available for much of the D.C. area. While businesses have long been able to have their separated food waste picked up by Envirelation, a new […]

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Friday Buffet

Ample Harvest is an awesome site that links gardeners with too much stuff to food pantries. Its founder, Gary Oppenheimer, was profiled as a CNN Hero. Rightly so! (But I’m having a hard time imagining recipients of fresh horseradish , as in the video, getting too jazzed.) — — Here’s a radio interview with Laura […]

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Pay-what-you-can Panera

Panera Bread has just started a very interesting experiment: a community outreach restaurant where customers pay what they can afford. The sign at the entrance says it all:  “Take what you need, leave your fair share.” Panera, called St. Louis Bread Company in its hometown, opened St. Louis Bread Company Cares in Clayton, Missouri on […]

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Efficient Picking

I had the privilege of going to a pig pickin’ this weekend. For those of you non-North Carolinians, that means a whole hog roast. Although, in this case it was a half hog (minus the head). Now, if you’re going to eat meat–and I do–this kind of event makes for a darn efficient use of […]

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Do Tories Hate Waste?

After the recent election in Britain, there’s a new Conservative Party prime minister and cabinet. OK, sure. But what I’m wondering is what will become of Britain’s anti-food waste movement? Hopefully, nothing. After all, what’s more conservative than conserving your resources (i.e. not wasting)? The question is: is it Conservative? I’d guess that there will be […]

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Walmart wows ’em

Huge news from Arkansas–Walmart just announced it would donate a whopping $2 billion in food and cash to help the hungry. That total includes $1.75 billion of in-kind food donations that presumably are slightly blemished items and foods nearing or at their sell-by date. Given the retailer’s size–4,300 U.S. outlets (including Sam’s Clubs)–when Walmart acts, […]

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Stanford Summary

Last week’s talk at Stanford went really well. I would have posted about this sooner, but the whole ‘fly cross-country with a one-year-old’ thing wiped us all out. Anyway, I had a blast visiting campus, speaking with students, observing student-run food recovery in action and, of course, spreading the word at Thursday’s event. From where […]

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