Friday Buffet

Ample Harvest is an awesome site that links gardeners with too much stuff to food pantries. Its founder, Gary Oppenheimer, was profiled as a CNN Hero. Rightly so! (But I’m having a hard time imagining recipients of fresh horseradish , as in the video, getting too jazzed.)

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Here’s a radio interview with Laura Wright, who wrote the fabulous “Waging War on Food Waste” that I linked to back in February.

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Were all you 30 Rock fans out there as┬ástunned as I was to hear a food waste reference in Thursday night’s episode? As part of his pseudo-rant at Northeast media elites, Kenneth, the show’s Southern fish-out-of-water, snarled something like: “I’ve watched you people throw out better food than my family had on Christmas.” Tell em, Ken!

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Cleveland rocks! (And composts)

Composting Cleveland’s food waste

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Looks like it’s still full-steam ahead on AD in the UK, as a 30,000 tonne per year facility opened in Staffordshire. Of course, this new AD plant was well in the works before the Tories took over, so it doesn’t really mean much. But a good sign nonetheless.

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