Beep, Beep–Anything for the Compost Heap?

Things are really looking up in Washington. The health care bill finally passed, the Wizards got the first pick in the NBA Draft and household compost collection will soon be available for much of the D.C. area.

While businesses have long been able to have their separated food waste picked up by Envirelation, a new operation called  Compost Cab will offer the same service for households (and businesses, too) starting in June.

It seems pretty simple:

You sign up online. We provide you with a standardized bin equipped with a sturdy, compostable bag liner. You fill the bin with your organic material, and once a week, on a reliable, fuel-efficient schedule, Compost Cab picks up the bag, leaving behind only a clean bin with a new liner.

Compost Cab’s site nicely summarizes the environmental benefits of keeping food out of the landfill. Also, they give each customer 5 pounds of finished compost and 1 pound of worm castings for every 50 pounds of food the company collects. Not bad for $8 per week.

Best of all–for the Mr. T fans out there–the company’s taxi and checkerboard motifs and the District location brings back fond memories of D.C. Cab. Now if they could only get Mr. T to collect the compost, existing customers’ participation would probably…increase.

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