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Friday Buffet

It’s nice to keep seeing food waste in the news, especially without much of a peg. That we waste 40% of our food is news enough! — — The Great Corn Rescue of 2012. Music to my ears. — — This passage from The UN Dispatch is in reference to the head of Darden Restaurants: …even though […]

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Visualizing Food Waste

Thanks to Leanpath, for creating and transmitting this clear infographic on food waste. It’s further proof that our wastage is something for which we might want to…atone.

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Alphabet Produce?

I recently got a message from Annie Wilcox, who asked why I was limiting the Alphabet Produce series to letters. What about numbers? Now, Annie may have had an ulterior motive–that she had come across banana pepper that looked like a 2 (and also a cobra!). But still, she had a point. Fruits and veggies that look […]

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Friday Buffet

Unharvested fruit from backyard trees is certainly a waste. But we don’t often put uneaten mushrooms or nuts in that same category. But, this page brimming with foraging resources does. — — Massachusetts will be banning commercial food waste from landfills in 2014. If you want to nerd out on the policy process, have […]

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Alphabet Produce: V bean

Continuing our alphabet produce series, here’s a very curved, V-like green bean. In my mind, it’s a lowercase cursive v. This beaut and all the other letter produce communicate that real food has curves (or it may be straight), and it’s not homogenous. Important: the above V bean tasted exactly the same as his straight […]

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In Residence at Bucknell

I’m spending this week at Bucknell University as an expert-in-residence. The O.V.W. Hawkins Expert-in-Residence, if you insist on proper nouns. I’m honored and humbled. This is one of four visits that I’ll make this academic year, and if all the visits are this engaging and interesting, it’ll be quite an experience. Thus far, I’ve talked to […]

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Just one Q…

Continuing the on the theme of alphabet veggies…here is one crazy Q cuke. So we have C, J, S, W and now Q. It’s definitely time for a vowel. Please send in your own letter produce pics–we’ll get that alphabet sooner or later! And remember–real food has curves! Or is straight. You get the idea–it’s not […]

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Friday Buffet

Many of you will relate to Molly Watson’s determination to avoid melon waste through kitchen effort and ingenuity. — — Meanwhile, there’s a lot to like about making sandwiches out of leftovers. A great waste-avoiding strategy with a tasty byproduct! — — Wondering why we don’t feed much food waste to livestock? Here’s a succinct answer […]

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Wasting Water

With World Water Week having just concluded, there’s been plenty of talk about the scarcity of water. And I was interested to hear the latest on the link between water and food waste. Still, I was stunned by this statement: “More than one-fourth of all the water we use worldwide is taken to grow over […]

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