In Residence at Bucknell

I’m spending this week at Bucknell University as an expert-in-residence. The O.V.W. Hawkins Expert-in-Residence, if you insist on proper nouns. I’m honored and humbled.

This is one of four visits that I’ll make this academic year, and if all the visits are this engaging and interesting, it’ll be quite an experience.┬áThus far, I’ve talked to classes in Society and Technology, Social Justice, Environmental Studies and Chemical Engineering. I’ll meet with the Environmental Center Director, the University Chaplain and the Head of Dining.

Some good, some less good...

My role is to raise awareness on the issue of food waste, interact with students, give guest lectures and plan a few engagements for my next visit, when I’ll give a campus lecture.

Hopefully, we’ll create some lasting change out of this engagement–increased composting would be nice. If nothing else, I’m giving students plenty of food for thought.

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