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Friday Buffet

The NYT had this great piece on root-to-stem eating on Wednesday (sort of the veggie/summer garden version of snout-to-tail). Now I’ll eat most things, but carrot tops? There are uses, but no runaway successes. — — Not to be outdone, the WSJ’s Juggle blog ran this helpful post on making the most of your CSA […]

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Jumbo Waste

While out in Vegas to give a few talks to restaurant staff, I had the chance to visit a shrimp farm. I’m not one to turn down an aquaculture opportunity, let alone such a thing happening in the desert. The facility, Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp, is a pretty neat place. The tent-like white building shimmering […]

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Revealing Letter

Gawker has a pretty interesting letter from a disgruntled former (Toronto) Whole Foods employee. It must be read with a grain or two of salt. But…it reveals some telling tidbits about that retailer and the grocery biz in general. Here are some of the letter’s sarcastic highlights: Oh, you throw out enough food to feed […]

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86ing Waste

This past week, I gave a series of talks at Mario Batali’s restaurants in LA and Las Vegas. It was an interesting, eye-opening experience. I learned a fair amount about how restaurants view waste and, hopefully, the warm, professional staff learned a bit about the importance of reducing waste. The restaurant group is already on […]

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Today, I’m in L.A., giving a talk to the staff from two Mario Batali-owned restaurants. And I’ll be doing the same for the next three days, speaking twice in both L.A. and Las Vegas. I’m excited about the opportunity, as it’s a fabulous chance to communicate the importance of waste reduction to some of the culinary […]

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Friday Buffet

Sodexo’s Stop Wasting Food campaign is approaching its first b-day and remains pretty awesome. — — Nice to see public funds going toward a Love Food, Hate Waste Campaign…in Australia. — — It’s interesting to get a waste hauler’s perspective on greening events and composting. — — Finally, I gotta give my pal Ashley (of […]

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Loving Unlovely Produce

Epi-Log’s In Praise of Unlovely Produce has the best blog post title I’ve read in a long while. And its sentiment is dead on. The main message: Vegetables and fruits don’t always have to win swimsuit contests. Instead, the post preaches, taste should matter more than appearance. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in the mainstream food chain. […]

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Crowded Agenda

Happy World Population Day! Later this year, we’ll hit 7 million people. That’s why one of the 7 billion actions should be getting more efficient with our food. In other words, to waste less. Just something to think about the next time you find an article about changing agriculture to feed the growing planet that […]

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Friday Buffet

Britain’s waste-crusaders, WRAP, have a new report out on hospitality sector waste. View the full report (with the rare consecutive prepositions) here. — — At Tuesday’s All-Star Game in Phoenix, stadium operators will collect and compost food waste. — — The other NRA–the National Restaurant Association–is taking on food court waste. Both at malls and airports! — — A […]

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National Freedom Toast Day

Today, if you’re like me, you’ve got a real abundance. The day after a cookout, the most prevalent remains tend to be buns. And so, because a hefty portion of us will have done some Independence Day grilling, I hereby declare July 5 to be National French Freedom Toast Day. (Think of it as a cousin […]

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