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Friday Buffet

A vermicomposter in every kitchen? GreenWiggler provides the knowhow forĀ a simple, D.I.Y. worm bin. — — A Notre Dame student plans to start a composting program. And not a moment too soon, as the average Golden Dome diner wastes more than a quarter pound (5.03 ounces) per meal. — — While things are looking up […]

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Serving More Than Food

Recently, Catherine wrote in to the blog (from Iceland!) asking for “some kind of package regarding food recovery, give out to restaurants.” I sent her this guide to food recovery put together by the National Restaurant Association and USDA and steered her towards the Restaurant Green Seal. She’s hoping for more materials, though, and […]

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Singing Toward Food Safety

A frequent question I get is ‘how can I avoid food waste?’ One part of the answer I don’t talk about enough is proper food storage. Today, I came across this motherlode of food safety resources, courtesy of Clemson University. Wow. For instance, there’s this general guide to freezing prepared foods or an indexed site […]

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Turning Blue Skies Gray

San Diego’s landfill trash has decreased 12 percent in the last year, partly because of decreased food waste. They’re receiving 15-year waste lows. Great news, right? Not so fast, says NBC San Diego. In their take on the story, they find a way to make the sky fall. Instead of ‘reduced greenhouse gas emissions from […]

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Watching What You Eat?

I’m pretty psyched to see how the Meal Plan project progresses. In it, a Bryn Mawr student will upload photos of her dining hall tray after meals. (Sorry–trays, what are those?) One thought: How much will the Heisenberg Effect, the idea that the act of observing alters what is being observed, impact the photos? If […]

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Friday Buffet

The Wall Street Journal: Hotels are doing their best to cut costs, including food waste, as the economy struggles. You think? — — As I’ve previously written, my favorite Japanese word is Mottainai! — — 8 things you should know about expiration dates, courtesy of me, via Culinate. — — The Laziest Man on Earth […]

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Oh, geez…

Controversy abounds in Fargo, N.D. Not only was there an objection to food waste at last year’s Kiwanis Pancake Karnival, there’s an anti-dirty dancing rule that has Jennifer Grey dusting off her cutoffs and Keds in protest. Given the name of this blog, I’ll focus on the former. In the leadup to the February Fargodome […]

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Challenging Times

I’m still trying to clear the cobwebs after a long night attending imaginary inaugural balls (and staying up late writing). But here goes: Paraphrasing one of my favorite lines from yesterday’s Obama’s speech, To those who waste food, we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist. Fist clenchers, hear this: […]

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Sure we can!

Happy 20th birthday, D.C. Central Kitchen! As we hear in this NPR report, the food rescue group got its start recovering lobster bisque from inaugural balls of George H.W. Bush. That was Jan. 20, 1989. These days, the group trains disadvantaged residents of our nation’s capital to be chefs and hopes these culinary students will […]

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Change That Looks Back

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Day. I hope you’re honoring Dr. King in whatever manner you see fit. In case you’ve been in a cave, Tuesday we swear in Barack Obama as the 44th President. Regardless of your political persuasion, there’s no arguing that it will be a historic day (and in my […]

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