Foxy Take-home Box

I love this Red Robin to-go box.

Only one problem–it’s not a take-home box. Huh?!

The faux picnic basket is instead Red Robin’s centerpiece/vessel for ads. Not according to my mother-in-law (bless her heart), who decided it would make the perfect doggie bag and took some leftovers home in the paper box.

Upon further examination, it wasn’t ideal. The handle prevents the box top from opening all the way. Maybe that’s why it decorates tables and advertises RR food instead of letting customers take it home.

While that’s a bit sad–a box so creative really should be a doggie bag–it can serve as inspiration. I’d love to see more establishments come out with neat to-go apparatus (or at the very least avoid Styrofoam).

If restaurants put a tiny bit of effort into their packaging, it would go a long way toward encouraging diners to take home their food (thus avoiding waste and possibly even saving restaurants money if they don’t have as much waste to be hauled away).

I’m curious: Has anyone seen anything constituting fun or interesting to-go containers?

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