Monday Smorgasbord

Apologies for leaving you high and dry on Friday. On the plus side, it does prove once and for all that I’m a human, not an awesome-blog-post-producing machine.

Anyway…I got so wrapped up in finishing the final edits for my book editing and complaining about World Cup refereeing that I missed a few items. Here’s a brief catch up:

The great Green Lantern took on food waste with her trademark thoroughness. She was even kind enough to consult with me.

— —

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Sandy Bauers wrote about the food waste problem before delving into her personal food waste recovery hierarchy.

— —

The Splendid Table had plenty of interesting stuff this weekend. The main theme was resourcefulness (which host LRK distinguished from thrift), and there were features from Supper for a Song author and much talk of bread budding, including a tempting recipe.

The show also discussed indoor composting, stemming from this review of three options from Chow.

— —

Finally, Green Seal, which provides environmental certification for restaurants, including waste reduction,  received  some nice press.

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