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Jack Groh Q & A

In February, I gushed about food recovery during Super Bowl week. The NFL Environmental Program teamed with the Arizona non-profit Waste Not to collect more than 93,000 pounds of sanitary, delicious leftovers. After overseeing Pro Bowl activities in Honolulu (poor guy!) and getting started on next year’s Super Bowl, Jack Groh, director of the NFL […]

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The “Egg in Box” Interview

Egg in a Box, a site run by two Chinese-food-loving sisters, has one aim: getting you to donate your leftover takeout rice to those in need. While Replate asks diners to simply leave their leftovers ‘out’ for the homeless, Egg in a Box prompts people to add a hard-boiled egg to the rice to make […]

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Gleaned Information

Monday, I met with Joel Berg, the first and only USDA Coordinator of Food Recovery and Gleaning. Berg held that position from 1996 to 1999, and his seat hasn’t been filled since he left (largely due to politics–he was a Clinton appointee). While I’d interviewed him by phone, I learned a great deal more about […]

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Q & A: Ted Lee

I recently discovered, to my delight, that wasted food isn’t a subject only cranky bloggers (ahem) find interesting. It seems that Ted Lee, the bespectacled half of the Lee Brothers’ Boiled Peanut empire (and catalogue), thinks about minimizing food waste fairly often. He was kind enough to speak with me about the topic. You’ve likely […]

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