The Declaration of Independence (from food waste)

In December, I wrote about the Danish group Stop Wasting Food. After that post ran, their founder, Selina Juul, pointed me to a fascinating product–the Joint Declaration Against Food Waste.

While it’s not quite as grandiose as our Declaration of Independence, the joint declaration has grand ambitions. Most notably, it pushes for:

  • A global reduction of food waste by 50% at all steps of the food chain
  • The UN to add reducing food waste to Goal #7 (ensure environmental sustainability) of its Millennium Development Goals
  • International aid agencies to push food efficiency alongside improvements in agriculture and development
  • The European Commission to take a stance on food waste

The document provides a nice model of what could be. Of how we can assert important goals for reducing waste, which will likely prompt action. Next up, hopefully, will be a declaration signed by representatives from all corners of the globe.

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