Stop Spild Af Mad!

Monday I linked to an editorial from a writer advocating eating our Christmas trees (more or less). Perhaps it’s no surprise that the author is Danish, given the strength of that nation’s Stop Wasting Food group(Stop Spild Af Mad in Danish).

The non-profit aims to reduce the amount of food wasted in Denmark through a variety of means. There’s the site, which does plenty to raise awareness (and I’m sure does plenty more if you understand Danish). There’s a forthcoming cookbook on how to use up leftovers, in which top Danish chefs, politicians and food personalities lend their expertise.

Plus, the group does plenty of legislative lobbying. SWF recently got the Danish government (via the Minister for the Environment, Karen Ellemannto) to pledge $3.5 million toward waste prevention outreach. And below, you can watch SWF founder Selina Juul preach the good word to the European Parliament (she comes in at the 2:50 mark):

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