Posting an Objection to Waste

Food Waste poster, by Amrit

Amrit is a student at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras). In an effort to curb food waste, he made some posters to put up in the dining hall. He sums it up well on his blog:

Most of us waste food. We don’t care. Will a poster really help? I am not sure. But nothing wrong in giving it a shot.

Amrit made ten posters in various styles:

Some are neat.
Some have a cool perspective.
Some go over the line–guilt-wise.
Some use familiar characters.
Some are just plain weird.

As you can guess, I applaud the effort and the sentiment (minus the guilt). Unfortunately, Amrit’s creations never made it up at his school. For that reason, he emailed that he’s happy for me (and you) to use them toward his intended goal: preventing food waste.

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