Friday Buffet

stone age fish hookTo get you in the mood for the weekend, here’s a bit about fishing. More specifically, it’s a discussion of fishing “waste” and ethics by a charter boat operator.

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Here’s a rare occasion when the government actually asks restaurants to offer smaller portions. Of course, this isn’t in the U.S., but The Philippines.

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While I mentioned the other day that putting food down the disposal isn’t the best option, there’s some debate on whether that’s worse than throwing it away. Either way, composting and anaerobic digestion are much better options.
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This neat post provides a blog-aided stroll through World War II food rationing inphoto by bunchofpants (via flickr) Minnesota’s smallest town–Tenney.

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Here’s a happy story of saving money and aiding the environment by composting food. Of course, it being Massachusetts, doughnuts are what’s being composted.

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