Happy Returns

I’m finally back home, after a relaxing, leftover-sandwich-filled Thanksgiving trip. No sooner did I return than I found this AP story on food waste.

After paying so much attention to household food waste, with Thanksgiving, let’s return our gaze to the hospitality industry and institutional kitchens. I’m encouraged to hear that Virginia Tech has cut food waste 38 percent by eliminating cafeteria trays. And it’s neat that travelers at Portland International Airport can compost and occasionally reap the benefits.

Most heartening, though, is the change implemented by the head chef at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand:

To cut costs, Peterson decided to reduce serving sizes. He said customers weren’t bothered by the switch,photo by another pint please (via Creative Commons) which has helped him trim food waste by between 15 to 20 percent over 18 months.

While that amount doesn’t account for the infamous Vegas buffets, who’d have thought that a casino would provide a positive example? If Vegas, capital to all things excessive, can cut waste, there’s no reason other restaurants can’t follow suit.

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