Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! I share my main thoughts on the holiday in a guest post on the Well blog over at The New York Times’ site. But here are three more:

More than anything, I hope you enjoy and appreciate the food we’re fortunate enough to have.

photo by semarr via Creative Commons

After that, please try to save leftovers from the your Thanksgiving dinner. This photo should provide some real motivation. Tomorrow (or even tonight!), the best sandwich of the year awaits. Don’t forget the gravy (reheated, of course).

And by all means, send some food home with guests. Just a guess, but I’m sure there’ll be enough to go around.

— —

To compare your Thanksgiving experience with another, check out Times food writer Kim Severson live blogging her Turkey Day. Hope the pie turned out OK!

—- —photo by respres via Creative Commons

Bonus question: what are you looking at here???

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