Friday Buffet

Wow, Reno must be the anti-Vegas! The Atlantis Casino there not only had a food waste diversion goal for 2012, the exceeded it by 56 percent!

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Don’t Judge a Fruit By Its Color, writes the Food Politic blog on HuffPost. The piece looks at government standards and our attitudes to get at this superficial food waste.

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I love it when two fabulous operations join forces! Food service provider Bon Appetit Management Co. and the Food Recovery Network have formed a partnership that will undoubtedly prevent plenty of college food waste by redistributing edible food to those in need.

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Speaking of college food recovery–well done, Wai Hon Chan and the rest of the food recovering crew at RIT.

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Finally, there aren’t many ideas as simple and sensible as making chutney from excess produce. The London org Rubies in the Rubble does just that. (And mangetout are snow peas)

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