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Movin’ Out

College move out day: a boon for townies in the market for desk chairs, small rugs and smaller fridges. It provides a fabulous opportunity for food donation, one that they’re taking advantage of at Vanderbilt. The same goes for UConn. There, the Office of Environmental Policy is encouraging donations by calling upon the school’s hoops pedigree through the “Give and […]

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The Minimalist on Maximizing Food Life

To paraphrase Kingsolver: Bittman, Minimalist, Awesome. I was very excited to see Mark Bittman’s piece on freezers as a way to prolong food and avoid waste. And after reading it, I was not disappointed. I love that he used the words “reduce food waste” in his opening paragraph. And that the article is so user-friendly. Basically, […]

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Compost Awareness Week

Were you aware that it’s International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW)? If not, now you are.  Like their British brethren, the US Composting Council is spreading the word this week. In addition to their ideas for ICAW, the Composting Council has a whole bunch of useful links. Here are some helpful resources for would-be composters and lessons for teaching […]

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Heeding the Call

A week ago, I put out a call for suggestions on what to do with the excess after being given a whole lotta pimiento cheese loaf. Many of you were nice enough to write in–thanks!–so I suppose it’s only right to fill you in on the results. A few folks suggested various cheese sauces. Being […]

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Friday Buffet

Road Foodsters Jane and Michael Stern were discussing their pizza-eating preferences on last weekend’s The Splendid Table when the conversation turned to uneaten crusts. Jane is a serial pizza bone leaver, but that hubby Michael is the beneficiary. Then host Lynne Rossetto Kasper announced that she’s not above asking her fellow diners if they’re planning […]

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