The few, the proud, the Bagel Brigade

Every army needs a Bagel Brigade. Not like the rag-tag bunch pictured, but more like this.
illustration by nemo's great uncle, via creative commons

Saturday, NPR’s Weekend Edition profiled the Los Angeles non-profit whose raisin d’etre is redistributing bagels and day-old bread to those in need.

The piece had one tidbit on food recovery that I have never encountered: drivers making unauthorized donations “on the sly.”

Like the Senior Gleaners, the average Bagel Brigade enlistee is in his or her 70s. Which makes it all the more amazing that they do what they do:

For the last seventeen years, 88-year-old Herman Berman’s days have begun at dawn.

I’m not sure what’s more unbelievable, Herman’s name or his dedication. If that doesn’t inspire you on a Monday, not sure what will…

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