The Dreaded Hair(s)

Katy over at Non-Consumer Advocate posted an interesting question this morning: What do you do with takeout food when you find a hair in it?

In her case, it wasn’t just a single one, but a “nest of hair.” The restaurant refunded her money, but the food remained, prompting that question.

How we approach the haired-upon food is an individual decision, just like the 5-second rule. From comments on the post, the consensus seems to be that the nest factor crosses the ‘gag line.’

Hopefully, we can keep the be-fouled food out of the landfill, by composting some or feedingĀ the family pet. Washing the food, first, can’t hurt.

And I think there may be a way to salvage the meat, which is much worse to waste, given its ethical andĀ carbon footprint, with a bacteria- and ickyness-killing boil.

What’s your take?

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