Friday Buffet

I like the idea of a compost bench, but not the price tag.

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It’s always nice to hear about food waste from our friends down under. Then again…I think I disagree withDoggie Bag. photo by Cerc via Creative Commons every opinion in this post, written by an American ex-pat living in Australia, on doggie bags (except the ridiculousness of U.S. portion sizes).

Really?? It’s “disgusting” to transfer your leftovers from plate to take-home container?

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In the last year, British quasi-governmental agency WRAP funded curbside food waste collection programs in 19 communities. They just released a report on the programs.

Overall, everything went well. Yet, in a sign of how hard it is to break habits, only 5 percent of participants said they think more about what food they purchase as a result of the food waste collection.

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In growing sustainable or “real” food, there are many hurdles, real and imagined. Here’s an interesting refutation of the barriers to real food…with waste discussed briefly.

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