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Friday Buffet

If you hadn’t considered the idea of trayless college cafeterias, here’s an NPR piece on it. For the most part, it illustrates why I’m such a proponent of traylessness. — — Read this waste horror story from a mom who volunteered to supervise lunch at her daughter’s school and a spirited discussion on how parents can trim lunchbox […]

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Pineapple Express

Here in Portland, it’s all about New Seasons Market (and coffee and bikes and beer). The nine-store chain is like a hometown Whole Foods with a heart. Reasonable, friendly and local. Add non-wasteful to that list. A little birdie told me that one of the New Season’s Portland (Seven Corners) stores leaves out some of its food that is […]

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When Bread’s Not Toast (and when it is)

Last week, I got to visit with Aaron French, better known as the Eco-Chef. Aaron is the chef at the East Bay eatery The Sunny Side Cafe and an all-around green (and great) guy. Part of his eco sensitivity means cutting down waste in his kitchen. To do that, Aaron has tried a few things […]

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Sunday Smorgasbord

I’ve always liked college, I have a soft spot for Mississippi and I love gleaning. Put that all together and you have Mississippi State gleaning watermelon. — — I’m sad to report that the California bill that would have made food donation easier at catered events is dead for the year. The office of State […]

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Recovering Food Slowly

Sunday, I attended the final Slow Food Nation session at the taste pavilions. I tried pluot gelato and Hell or Highwatermelon wheat beer. I enjoyed a beer with honey flavor and honey infused with coffee. And I sampled coffee I was told had cannabis ‘notes’ and cannabis with–kidding!! I chuckled a bit when I saw […]

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Slow Food Report

Saturday at Slow Food Nation, San Francisco’s Herbst Theater was the high church of liberal foodiedom. It was Bobo central. And it was awesome. Sharing the stage were Wendell Berry, Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Eric Schlosser, Vandana Shiva and Slow Food International founder Carlo Petrini. Corby Kummer moderated the entire affair with aplomb, calling on […]

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