Friday Buffet

If you hadn’t considered the idea of trayless college cafeterias, here’s an NPR piece on it. For the most part, it illustrates why I’m such a proponent of traylessness.

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Read this waste horror story from a mom who volunteered to supervise lunch at her daughter’s school and a spirited discussion on how parents can trim lunchbox waste. A bigger-picture fix: lunch after recess.

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Here’s an candid consideration of whether overeating is a waste of food. The blogger writes about that restaurant conundrum of overeating or wasting food and suggests taking home a doggie bag as a way to avoid waste, but admits that she doesn’t enjoy leftovers. UK grocer Sainsbury’s would like to help her and others Learn to Love Your Leftovers.

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A software/web application is helping restaurants cut waste by keeping better track of their inventories.

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Finally, “Taste It, Don’t Waste It” has a nice ring to it. Winchester City Council in Britain is using that slogan in their admirable campaign to try to slow food waste. In the words of the always prudent English press, Winchester has declared ‘war on waste.’

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