Friday Buffet

A Cape Cod mother reflects on how much trash can collect in just one weekend. The article includes an interesting discussion of reducing waste via Pay-As-You-Throw trash collection.

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Good to see the (tennis) U.S. Open is composting the food scraps from its central kitchens, but why not have composting bins on the concourse for fans? We’ll call it deuce.

Mr. Fusion. Photo by Don Solo via Creative Commons— —

Fuel from beer, wine and tequila waste? We’re one step closer to the Mr. Fusion becoming a reality. Guess that makes sense because Doc Brown had the contraption on his DeLorean when returning from 2015, which, scarily, isn’t too far off. 

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It must be around Labor Day if there’s talk of traylessness. Yale’s Commons Dining Hall is experimenting with going trayless by trying it on a week-to-week basis. BUT, Yale won’t remove trays from residential dining halls because the increased trips would cause “congestion.” Heaven forbid!

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Here’s a bit more info about Costco composting, which I wrote about on Wednesday. While headed in the right direction, they’re only separating organics at a few California stores. The best part is that the food scraps are sent to a worm composter, whose wigglers create a fertilizer sold in some Costco locations.

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  1. Emma
    Posted September 6, 2009 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    This post made me excited because I read your blog as often as I can and have always been jealous of all these schools that managed to go trayless. I attend Allegheny College in the small town of Meadville, Pa and our dining hall recently went trayless! I and some other students had been submitting comment cards requesting this so its great to see it finally in action. We also compost all of our food, napkins, plates, silverware, cups, boats, plastic wrap, tea bags, and wax paper at our food court. As environmental science major this all makes me very happy and warm inside. Our food service also claims to get milk, ice cream, butter and cheese delivered fresh to us from local dairies. At least 30% is from local providers including delicious bread for sandwiches from a cute place down town called Creative Crusts.

    Yay food sustainability!