Discount Compost Clubs

It’s time to think big. Big as in warehouse clubs. I’ve begun to hear more talk of composting at these discount stores and I’d like to hear more.

Since I’m fairly critical of the bulk in which these stores make you buy food, it’s only fair that I give credit when it’s due. So keep it up, big guys. It’s now just a trickle of stores, but that will surely increase when they realize what all retailers should–diverting the heaviest stuff from your dumpsters will probably save you money on your waste bill (if you’re paying by the weight, not the frequency).

While I’d love to see this done chain-wide, The Livermore, Calif., Costco sends food to a worm farm as part of a 4-month-old program yielding an 80 percent reduction in what’s landfilled. There’s even a might we see a compost bin in this picture soon? Photo by guybo via creative commonscompostables bin in the food court for everything from customers’ food to their plates and utensils.

Sam’s Club has also started composting at one of its main stores. Deep in the heart of Wal-Mart country, Sam’s is taking part in a composting trial run with the no-frills Fayetteville Compost Facility. And given the store, it’s bringing heaps of food waste to the municipal composter:

The city is already involved in a pilot program with Sam’s Club, which brings in 1.3 tons of food waste per week

That’s 2,600 pounds per week, or about 370 pounds per day of food waste, all from the back of the store. Now if Sam’s would only encourage/enable their customers to participate…

My sense is that they haven’t implemented a consumer composting bin because Arkansas is a long way from California, in more than one way. Then again, Fayetteville is the “Berkeley of Arkansas,” so come on Sam(‘s)!

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