Pot of Black Gold

Q: What’s greener than Irish composting?? 

A: Irish worm composting.

The latter is slightly greener, as worms break down organics quicker than regular composting. Even more heartening, though, is the mandatory separation of food waste for large-scale food producers. The legislation took effect on January 1 and impacts restaurants, supermarkets and anyone producing more than 50 kg (110 lbs) of waste per week.

Black Gold Compost. Photo by Arnold Inuyaki via creative commonsOf course, in accordance with the “reduce, reuse, recycle” trinity–reducing food waste would out-green all of the above–but I didn’t find anything on that online.

I did find that Tir na nOg, an Irish pub in Raleigh, touts its composting on its site. I wish more restaurants would do so–both compost and publicize it.

Back to Irish Worms, they’re the first vermiculture operation I’ve seen that also sells live bait. I suppose this makes sense in a ‘Cycle of Life’ way. But probably not to people opposed to eating fish.

Regardless, I can’t imagine anyone being against green beer. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, folks.

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