Ketchup Concerns

Since I’ve been in Mississippi recently, I’ve been eating fried food a bit more than I usually do (read: almost never). What good timing then that Heinz has decided to update how they serve fried food best friend, ketchup.

The world’s leading ketchup maker is replacing its old packets with Heinz’s Dip & Squeeze packets, which let users do either. The reason I care is that the new ones hold three times as much ketchup. The speculation goes both ways on whether this will mean more waste.

photo courtesy of H.J. Heinz Co.Fast food joints are notorious for tossing in way too many packets of ketchup. If they continue this trend, it could lead to more waste, as the above link suspects. But, maybe stores will wise up and only give one packet now, knowing that they’re much bigger and cost a bit more. I’m gonna guess they lead to more waste. Hope I’m wrong.

The best method I’ve seen is the big pump into the tiny paper cups. That’s doesn’t work with drive-thrus, though, which makes it close to irrelevant (OK, not quite irrelevant). I know this topic isn’t the most important one in the world of waste, but I’m intrigued because Heinz ketchup use is so widespread. Americans use 11 billion packets per year, according to this AP piece.

What do you think–will the new package increase or decrease ketchup waste? Do you care about this shift or not so much? Still pining for the days of ‘catsup?’

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