Icing Postgame Waste

RWIU + NHL = Win, says EPA.

OK, let’s run that back: Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to honor the partnership of Rock and Wrap It Up and The National Hockey League.

Rock and Wrap It Up is a New York-based food recovery group that leads the way in event food recovery. And guess how they got their name?? Yes, what began with rock concerts spread to sports franchises in all of the major sports. And apparently to all 30 NHL teams, who have committed to donate unsold, edible food remaining after games.

But according to the release, the teams that have really embraced the effort thus far are the Chicago Blackhawks, Columbus Blue Jackets, Detroit Red Wings and Minnesota Wild. The old Norris Division teams (plus Columbus) are really rocking here.

Then again, the Pittsburgh Penguins are doing there part, too. Really commendable work by all the participating teams and RWIU.

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