On CBS and Carrots

The Early Show on CBS had a piece on food waste. I’m in it briefly, which was fun to see. The video is now online.

That a network did a segment on avoiding waste is encouraging. It communicates that the issue is gathering steam and awareness is building.

A local camera crew came out to my house to interview me for the segment. In addition to the interview, they shot some “B-roll” of me doing stuff. Typing on my laptop, cutting vegetables and composting. I was a bit disappointed that the composting didn’t make the cut, as we need to get more Americans on board with that practice.

During the filming, I peeled and cut a carrot. When one of the two cameramen asked why I peeled the carrot, I was taken aback. It’s just something I’ve always done (and I suspect most people do).

But, I realized, if we wash carrots, we probably don’t need to peel them, too. Any thoughts? Is this just an ingrained behavior or is there more to it than that?

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