When Life Gives You Pineapple Rinds…

This past weekend I cut up a whole pineapple with a regular knife. As you can imagine, I literally and figuratively try to cut it as close to the rind as possible when I’m carving up a pineapple. I’m aiming for maximum fruit with minimum objections from kids.

Still, just like the previous time, I was frustrated to see how ‘meaty’ the rinds were–there was more fruit there than I’d hoped. This time, I decided to do something about it. But what?

Using a paring knife did bear a little…fruit, but was tedious. Trading teeth for knife only brought the need to floss. So I switched gears.

I decided that rather than getting more fruit, I should be making juice. This should have been my first instinct, as pineapple is among the finer juices.

Using a simple lemon press (technically a ‘squeezer’) and a little elbow grease, I transformed a pineapple’s worth of ‘meaty’ rinds into about 8 ounces of pineapple juice. Just be sure to cut the rind into small enough pieces or fold it into the squeezer. Also, don’t forget to enjoy this refreshing, virtuous juice–frugality never tasted so exotic!

And if you don’t love pineapple juice, you make an adulterated version by boiling rinds with some spices.

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