Portlandia: the saga continues

While you’ve surely seen this recent “waste stream” story out of Portland, there’s another one worth noting. In short, Rose City residents may soon face this choice: curbside composting or weekly trash collection?

In a survey, composting pilot program participants balkedĀ at having their monthly garbage bill increase $5 to fund larger garbage cans. Makes sense, as diverting food from your waste stream lessens its volume. Therefore, the same old bin would likely work for bi-weekly collection.

Yet, Portlanders’ reluctance to pay more might lead to every-other-week garbage collection to fund the composting program. So the objectors would basically get their way–paying the same amount for composting with bi-weekly trash collection.

Confused? Me, too.

Anyway–the bottom line is that Portland is close to implementing citywide curbside composting and is now figuring out exactly how to do so. Stay tuned…

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