New York Minute

I just returned home from an energizing visit to New York City. While there, I got to take part in two book-related events, appear on the Leonard Lopate Show, talk shop with many fascinating folks (including a Freegan spokesperson) and even catch up with some friends.

My first event was part presentation, part panel discussion. My fellow panelists, Elizabeth Royte (Garbageland) and Elizabeth Meltz (the sustainability czar for Mario Batali’s empire ), did a fabulous job bringing the issue to life, answering questions and tying it to New York.

The organizers, Kerry from Eating Liberally and Paula from Civil Eats, were the night’s true heroes, wearing many hats–including toques. They even convinced Marion Nestle to attend.

In addition to those all-stars, I got to meet some old e-mail buddies in person: Chris of Meatless Monday, Daniel of People’s Garden NYC, Gary of and Elizabeth from Egg in a Box.

The book reading the next night was intimate and interesting. I’d never done an event at a restaurant, but the Half King, a bar that serves food, fit that description. I considered doing a plate waste “show and tell,” but eased up on the attendees. After all, they had come to the event.

While in New York, I saw some fascinating food-waste-to-energy news from Sweden and got to see my name in The New Yorker (in David Owen’s piece, page 80–the whole thing isn’t available online).

One thing I gleaned from the trip is that there are a number of like-minded people in NYC bent on reducing waste and/or composting it. Yet, after all that activity, it’s now time to recuperate. Normal blog service will resume on Friday…

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