Weekend Buffet

Want to eat a gourmet, dumpster-procured meal? How about having a film director come to your town and rail against food waste while wearing a speedo? Donate some money to help Dive! director Jeremy Seifert’s campaign to send a copy of his film to every Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods in the U.S. of A.

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Having 100 percent of a town separating and composting food waste is quite an ambitious goal. But’s a reality on the small British isle of Anglesey.

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This week we saw the possibility of an anaerobic digester in NE Portland? I wasn’t sure what’d happen in the Rose City, because while digesters do have a small footprint, the trucks delivering loads of food waste don’t exactly smell like…roses. But sure enough, it looks like it’s a go.

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Finally–I’ll be doing events in New York on Sunday and Monday. If you’re in the area, come on out to say hello. You can find links with the details on my fancy new book site.

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