Friday Buffet

In the UK, the quasi-governmental agency WRAP launched the Hospitality and Food Services Agreement, which allows restaurants to pledge a 5% food and packaging waste reduction by 2015. Domino’s, McDonald’s, Unilever and 2o-odd others have signed on in Britain. Exciting news, but I fear that the companies will focus on packaging (which would be useful, but not as beneficial as tackling food waste).

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This week, both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times ran A-section articles on Portland composting. OK, fine–if you want to split hairs–they were primarily about the every-other-week trash collection designed to encourage composting. But still…Portland Composts!

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This CNN piece features the One Third project that I so enjoy, but also has a good collection of data. For example: This study finding that 40% of the food thrown away in Europe is still in its original packaging!

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Yesterday, I took part in a fabulous panel discussion–organized by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition and Nourishing the Planet–on how to feed and nourish a planet of 7 billion. The event was a launch party for the fascinating new book, Eating Planet. It’s a recommended read, especially for only 4 bucks.

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  1. Fan LIANG
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    Been following your great work for years. Salute to you! Thought to alert you of a book published last year in Hong Kong by Leila Chan, a Hong Kong journalist, on food waste in Hong Kong. The book is in Chinese, and a great read, and tackles some of the same issues you cover in your own book, but within the east Asia context.

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