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Friday Buffet

The real March Madness–Recyclemania–is now under way. I’m especially fond of the “Waste Minimization” category, as that’s kind of the point. — — It’s hard not to enjoy this neat animated illustration of Michael Pollan’s food rules. And I’m sure they used that food featured in the video, right? — — I’m so excited about […]

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Halve a Heart

I’ve gushed about the Halfsies idea before, and that was before I saw their amazing introductory video. So, internets–meet Halfsies: Don’t even try getting that infectious piano and concise messaging out of your head–it’s physiologically impossible. Good show, Halfsies! All that remains is raising some cash and spreading the idea nationwide. (And then we’ll tackle […]

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Paying for Your Waste

Straight from Saudi Arabia…here’s a restaurant charging a fee for uneaten food…that goes to a Somalian charity. Hard to argue with that last part. My second thought: I guess taking home leftovers isn’t big in Saudi Arabia. Also, showing the words “the greedy are punished” burning embers flicker on screen made me think the video was […]

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Can Unilever Unite Restaurants Against Waste?

A recent survey found that 80 percent of U.S. restaurant customers were concerned by the amount of food being tossed at restaurants and cafeterias. But shouldn’t it be 100 percent? Either way, it’s nice to know that Unilever, who commissioned the study, has launched the United Against Waste campaign to get restaurateurs…united against waste. Once restaurateurs […]

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Friday Buffet

Forget Greece. The real news out of Europe this week was the Environment Commissioner targeting a 50% food waste reduction in the EU by 2020. Beautiful. — — Not sure about the viability of replicating this school without Titanic/Avatar money, but it’s pretty neat–a zero waste elementary school in Malibu. Sure, they’re composting. But what […]

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NPR Wasted Food Weekend

This weekend was a wasted food feast over on NPR. First, The Splendid Table quiz asked: What is a Saudi restaurateur doing to reduce food waste? Head to the 32:00 mark for the question and answer. — — And over on A Praire Home Companion, Stephanie Davis sang the only gleaning song I’ve ever heard. “Give […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s a detailed description of keeping worms to compost food that has the added bonus of being the first piece I’ve ever read that manages to combine vermiculture and The Wire. — — Last night’s dinner can be today’s breakfast? Si, Senor! — — This piece on a chef-led, British campaign to bag food waste has two stunners. […]

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Zeroing Out

Zero Percent has an admirable goal–zero percent food waste. The just-launched site/app will allow participating restaurants to offer real time discounts as the end of the night approaches to avoid waste. The idea needs to gather restaurant interest, which will hopefully build momentum. Once Zero Percent gets rolling, you’d be able to check your phone […]

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Friday Buffet

In a UK survey, 82 percent of those surveyed believed it was important to reduce restaurant food waste. And about that same amount said they’d even do something about it! 80 percent said they’d opt to not receive items they knew they wouldn’t eat. There are some other interesting findings in the report, which Unilever […]

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Friday Buffet

A chocolate-powered Nestle plant? That delightful smell and scheme could be coming soon to Newcastle, England. — — The Chicago Sun-Times ran this great piece on whole-hog butchery as a way to avoid waste. The worst detail: some whole hams head straight to the trash because they’re not in as high demand as pork chops and bacon. — — […]

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