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Reducing Waste For The Win

Forget Monday’s boring national championship game. The real college champion crowned this week is Marist College. Yup–Marist! The pride of Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) won the EPA WasteWise Game Day Challenge in the Per Capita Organics Reduction category. If you select ‘Organics Reduction’ in the pulldown menu, you will see that tiny Marist destroyed the competition, outpacing […]

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Friday Buffet

In a UK survey, 82 percent of those surveyed believed it was important to reduce restaurant food waste. And about that same amount said they’d even do something about it! 80 percent said they’d opt to not receive items they knew they wouldn’t eat. There are some other interesting findings in the report, which Unilever […]

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Friday Buffet

Sodexo’s Stop Wasting Food campaign is approaching its first b-day and remains pretty awesome. — — Nice to see public funds going toward a Love Food, Hate Waste Campaign…in Australia. — — It’s interesting to get a waste hauler’s perspective on greening events and composting. — — Finally, I gotta give my pal Ashley (of […]

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Friday Buffet

Great news from the bottom of the food waste hierarchy: Waste Management has invested in a composting company. They’ve been sniffing around the idea for a while, so it’s encouraging to see them invest in it. — — Mary Baldwin College of Virginia¬†reduced waste by 60% during their Sustainable Meal Week! Really shows how much […]

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Notre Trays

I gave a talk on Notre Dame on Thursday and, as part of the visit, got to meet with a few friendly members of the school-run dining services. I was impressed to hear that a student led initiative had halved per student wastage in one month. And that two local shelters collect food from their […]

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Friday Buffet

Food’s cheapness is a major factor in why we waste so much of it. A BlogHer writer makes a compelling case that buying expensive food reduces waste both from overeating and discards. Waste comes in two forms: food disposed of in the garbage and food disposed of in the human body. When you eat beyond […]

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Friday Buffet

The Composting World Cup?? Australia will host it in April. I guess that’s some consolation for missing out hosting the real World Cup in 2022. — — It’s definitely that time of year where pantries are busiest. Yet this year, they’re really struggling to keep up with rising demand: The Cleveland Foodbank has provided 50percent […]

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Friday Buffet

Sodexo reported that they’ve reduced waste by 30% on eight campuses. How? Identifying their waste by using LeanPath waste tracking systems. — — Half the fish caught in the North Sea are being thrown back…dead?!?

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Friday Buffet

How can we use carrot stems, radish greens, broccoli stems? Wise Bread has some tips for the hardcore frugals out there. — — Notre Dame students are giving waste reduction the old college try, thanks to Waste-Free Wednesdays. The whole thing is part of the eND Hunger campaign (nice use of caps, there), and we’ll […]

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Going Trayless: A Look Back at the Transition

This guest post comes from Alvina Lopez, who is pursuing a journalism degree from Ashford College and blogs on the topics of¬†accredited online colleges. Below, she writes on her cafeteria experience from her undergrad days at Rice University, including the shift to traylessness. — As any college student knows, the cafeteria is a central locus […]

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