Friday Buffet

In a UK survey, 82 percent of those surveyed believed it was important to reduce restaurant food waste. And about that same amount said they’d even do something about it! 80 percent said they’d opt to not receive items they knew they wouldn’t eat.

There are some other interesting findings in the report, which Unilever will send to you if you request it.

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Meanwhile, there’s some interesting chatter at Vanderbilt about what’s more wasteful–all-you-can-eat meal plans or those that feature an entree and two sides. I’m pretty sure it’s the former, but this discussion hints that a points-based system (which it seems non first years have) might work best.

More than anything, the piece illustrates a heightened awareness to waste among this year’s freshman class.

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I’m a sucker for cause-based mascots. This UK-based WISE owl is kinda fun.

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