Germany to Waste: Halt!

On Friday, Germany’s Minister of Food Agriculture and Consumer Protection announced it will conduct a study on food waste. In other words, they aim to find out how much waste can be halted.

The move came in conjunction with Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini’s visit to Germany. Slow Food is increasingly emphasizing waste reduction, in conjunction with supporting small- and medium-sized farms.

During his German visit, Petrini gleaned unwanted produce from the field, and volunteers converted the recovered crops into a community meal to raise awareness for waste calledĀ Teller Statt Tonne (I’ve found that theĀ translate feature on Chrome browsers is helpful there).

image courtesy of demeter

Wish I could have been there (and that I spoke German). But here are some photos from the event. The anti-waste movement rolls on…with plenty of love for oddly-shaped produce.

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