Friday Buffet

Great news from the bottom of the food waste hierarchy: Waste Management has invested in a composting company. They’ve been sniffing around the idea for a while, so it’s encouraging to see them invest in it.

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Mary Baldwin College of Virginia reduced waste by 60% during their Sustainable Meal Week! Really shows how much fat is there for the trimming.

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Whether you call them Freegans or foragers, more Spaniards are eating from the trash. And here’s a look at whether Dumpster diving jibes with Jewish values.

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Finally, the Recyclemania results are in. While the exercise has its merits, I’ve always been confused by the Food Service Organics category. Shouldn’t we reward reduction (fewest pounds per student?) instead of rewarding schools for using and composting the most pounds? In that case, congrats to Nova Southeastern Univ. for producing 0.00 pounds of food waste per student! 😉

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