Notre Trays

I gave a talk on Notre Dame on Thursday and, as part of the visit, got to meet with a few friendly members of the school-run dining services. I was impressed to hear that a student led initiative had halved per student wastage in one month. And that two local shelters collect food from their kitchen on a regular basis.

Yet, I was disappointed to learn that the school’s dining halls still had trays. But…they’re trying. While they make trays available–because of overcrowding at meal times, the dining services folks said–this sign is posted right above where they’re stacked.

I love how the poster clearly lists the four rationales for traylessness: eat less, waste less, save water, save electricity. Of course, I’d put the second one first…

Anyway, right after students have decided to use or forgo a tray, they’re hit with another poster (made by ND’s crack in-house designer). Kinda cool, eh?

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