Friday Buffet

Food’s cheapness is a major factor in why we waste so much of it. A BlogHer writer makes a compelling case that buying expensive food reduces waste both from overeating and discards.

Waste comes in two forms: food disposed of in the garbage and food disposed of in the human body. When you eat beyond satiety…Yup, you’re treating your body like a trash can.

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Fort Hays State University is the latest landing spot for Chartwells’ Project: Clean Plate. The only real question I have is: colon or no colon?

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More fallout from the Global Food and Farming Futures report: The study’s Chief Scientific Advisor said that “halving the amount of food waste by 2050 could boost today’s annual production by a quarter.”

I’m pretty sure I get that.

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Freeganism (the practice and term) has reached Ohio State and Australia.

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Finally, if you’re going out with a big group in Hong Kong, don’t forget 6 is the new 8.

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