Stocking Up

I went through a phase of making my own soup stock, but my interest waned along with my enthusiasm for soup. Well, there’s been a resurgence on both fronts.

When I recently found myself making more soups and stews, I thought it was high time to reintroduce the practice of setting aside veggie skins, scraps and the like for stock making.

The process really couldn’t be much easier. I’m keeping a plastic container in the freezer, and every time I do a little peeling, trimming or cutting, I toss in the remainders. It’s also a nice repository for the wilted herbs (not ones gone bad) and the (literal) odds and ends we’re not going to use.

Turning scraps to stock is a better use of resources (natural and monetary) than composting these materials. After all, you’re using unwanted items to help create desired ones (provided your cooking is at least passable).┬áBesides, you can still compost the solid remains afterward.

And as a bonus, making vegetable stock makes me feel less guilty about peeling my carrots. [Note: I’ve stopped peeling the local ones from the farmers’ market.]

Since I’m far from an expert on the topic, are there any tips/strategies you’ve found helpful for making vegetable stock? Any no-no’s?

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