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Ramadan Waste = Pigswill??

Seldom do you see Ramadan and hogs in the same sentence, but they’ve both been in the ‘food waste news’ recently. On the former, here’s a thought-provoking editorial lamenting the increased food waste during Ramadan in the United Arab Emirates. A common cooking tactic during the holy month of daylight fasting is to overprepare to […]

July 16, 2013 | Posted in History and Culture, International, Legislation, Waste Stream | Comments closed

Do Those Veggie Scraps Mean Anything?

It has been a busy few days for food waste on the National media Public Radio front. First, Marketplace had this look at the Economics of Wasted Leftovers. Then, Talk of the Nation ran an in-depth conversation about waste (which included my perspective). Next, Morning Edition examined why restaurants don’t prioritize food waste in a […]

November 29, 2012 | Posted in Restaurant | Comments closed

Stocking Up

I went through a phase of making my own soup stock, but my interest waned along with my enthusiasm for soup. Well, there’s been a resurgence on both fronts. When I recently found myself making more soups and stews, I thought it was high time to reintroduce the practice of setting aside veggie skins, scraps […]

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