2050: A Hunger Odyssey?

The Independent (UK) recently spent some time considering how we’ll feed everyone in 2050. Today’s publication of a report on the topic by a governmental group  prompted the article.

The Foresight Programme’s Global Food and Farming Futures report preaches that we’ll need to use all methods at our disposal (including GM crops) to have enough food for all 9.2 billion of us by 2050. Business as usual won’t cut it .

I agree, as long as that includes cutting waste. Reducing waste can only help. Fortunately, the Brits concur, as does a recent French study, Agrimonde:

Like the UK’s Foresight report, the French study found there is no overwhelming obstacle to feeding a global population of 9.2 billion people, provided food yields are boosted, waste is cut both after harvesting and in the kitchen, and food distribution is improved.

The Foresight study had one specific suggestion, according to The Independent‘s sneak peek:

To combat the huge amounts of food waste – up to 40 per cent of food bought in developed countries ends up being thrown away – the scientists are also expected to recommend changes to legislation covering “sell by” dates.

Sounds like a plan. Or at least the beginnings of one. Just in the nick of time, as 2050 will sneak up on us. After all, January’s almost over!

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